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Sapota (Chikoo) (चीकू )

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Product Description

Sapota (Chikoo)  is a famous tasty tropical fruit which has a smooth brown colored external skin. Both the flesh and peel of this fruit can be simply eaten and digested by human beings. Ripe sapotas are rich in natural sugars, calories & fiber. It is a fine supply of vitamin C, A & some of the B-complex vitamins like folate, pantothenic acid & niacin (B3).

It is rich in the polyphenol tannin which gives it many of its medicinal properties.

Sapota contains the polyphenol compound tannin which act like remedies for hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and is also a haemostatic. It is very good to eat during pregnancy as it helps prevent morning sickness. It promotes collagen production which prevents the formation of wrinkles. The natural sugars in sapota, fructose and sucrose revitalize the body and replenish energy.

Sapota is used as a weaning food for babies; its soft pulp is mashed and given to small babies. Sapota milk shakes & smoothie taste great and are filling too.

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