South Special Vegetable Combo (Regular)

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₹375.00 per Piece

Daily essentials: Onion 1 kgPotato 1 kg Tomato 1 kg Sambar Onion 250 grams Coconut 1pc  Leafy Greens (Sorted & Cleaned): Palak ( Spinach)1 pack 250 grams  Regular Veggies: Lady Finger (Bhendi) 500 grams Raw Banana 500 grams Brinjal 250 grams Pumpkin Cut 250 grams Drumstick 250 grams French Beans 250 Grams Salad Items: Cucumber 250 Grams Carrot 250 Grams capsicum Green 250 Grams Masala Pack contains: Coriander  leaves 150 grams (Cleaned & sorted) Curry Leaves 50 grams Lemon 3 pc  Ginger 50 grams Green Chilli 75 grams.

Product Description

This basket has been made , keeping in mind the needs of the south -indian community, and  contains an assortment of daily use veggies & items which are used  more by them in their daily cuisine, like sambar onion, raw banana, coconut & drumstick.

The basket contains 20 items , and total weight is 6.5 kg.

ItemQuantityApprox weight
Daily essentials: 
Onion1 kg
Potato1 kg
Tomato1 kg
Sambar Onion250 grams
Leafy Greens ( Sorted & Cleaned):
Palak ( Spinach)1 pack250 grams
Regular Veggies:
Lady Finger (Bhendi)500 grams
Raw Banana500 grams
Brinjal250 grams
Pumpkin Cut250 grams
Drumstick250 grams
French Beans250 Grams
Salad Items:
Cucumber250 Grams
Carrot250 Grams
capsicum Green250 Grams
Masala Pack contains;
Coriander  leaves150 grams Cleaned & sorted
Curry Leaves50 grams
Lemon3 pc
 Ginger50 grams
Green Chilli75 grams
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