Customer Grievance Handling Process:
In case you face any kind of issue regarding the usage of the website, information about the product, pricing etc., you may call our customer service number at  911-1515000; or Whatsapp on 920-1515000.

If you have any complaints regarding any goods or any reason whatsoever, at first instance, you may lodge your complaint by calling our customer service center at 911-1515000. If the solution offered does not resolve your problem to your satisfaction, then please write to our Customer Complaints Division at [email protected].

If your issue is not resolved with seven (7) working days of your first complaint, you may write to [email protected] . Top management will look into the matter personally and will ensure to resolve your problem to your satisfaction.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Any order made throughout the day can be (cancelled / modified) before closure of order book at 8.00 PM on call or before 10:30PM on website.

  • We have no questions asked return policy, hence if you think you have received rotten/defective product you could return it immediately and ask for similar product in good condition. However product can only be returned while our delivery man is on standby at your door and this is due to the perishable nature of our product. This means you need to check the product immediately and in case you find a vegetable or fruit in unacceptable condition. You first check your product at your door steps then only accept it.
  • You could also write us at [email protected] or call at +91 911-1515000 to let us know your complaints and issues and we would ensure to improve the quality of service and product to match your expectations.