Hello and Welcome,

It’s a pleasure finding you on our website. We @ lalapple.com are committed towards best quality at lowest of the prices to be delivered at your doorstep in stipulated time. We strive to make the experience of purchase through Lalapple a hassle free and unique one.

How did it all start?

It took an apple for Sir Isaac Newton to discover the law of gravitation while it took multiple of rotten apples to inspire us to form Lalapple. Since time immortal health has been given the topmost priority for an overall good life. But in the dynamic and digitalized age, which we are in, because of multifold responsibilities and very limited time, the access to nutrition and natural food products has become limited. To reduce this gap, the idea to start Lalapple was initiated.

Who we are?

We are a team of health and nature enthusiast who believe that way to every other happiness of life goes through a healthy and fit mind, body and soul. To quote our philosophy… “The Greatest Wealth is Good Health”

How does it all work?

It’s a six step simple process explained below.


The Lalapple team gives over-emphasis on quality; at each and every step,we make sure that the customer experience with the product is an enriching one.

How to shop through Lalapple?


Additionally If you don’t like any of our product and you think that it’s not up to the standard, the product can be returned. because we at Lalapple guarantee 100 percent quality and aspire for 100 percent customer satisfaction

Our USP’s

Best Price Natural and nutritious hand picked fruits and vegetables because we firmly believe that  ‘Price is what you pay, Value is what you get’ .

Delivered Same Day To ensure quality and freshness, all orders received before 1 pm will be delivered same day between 4 to 7pm. All other orders will be delivered next day morning between 10 to 1 pm.

Quality Premium We try our best to deliver best quality possible with an aim to add more value to each and every step as we admire the philosophy that ‘Quality means doing it right even when nobody is looking’.

Packed Well This time ‘apple’ whether it would be a phone or a fruit you will get it in a clean and hygienically packed parcel because.. ‘Good things always come in good packages’.

Organic & Healthy All the products at Lalapple are filtered through a strict quality check process monitored by professional individuals which secure the nutrients and quality inbuilt in all products. Its our own prescription to your healthy life.

What separates us from others?

The team at Lalapple knows its work thoroughly and is committed towards the health and well-being of its esteemed customers.

We assure that the quality of the product is best available and its natural and nutritional values are not compromised at any step.